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A gale springs up on an open sea. Rivers go from a trickle to a torrent in seconds. Deep in the woods, darkness falls all at once in a great, black heap. Time is different out here. It happens faster. It's less forgiving. It rewards the prepared. Punishes the uninitiated. And dares you to race it home. At Swiss Military®, we design our watches as essential equipment. They have to work under all kinds of conditions. Their hands must be able to multi-task and do more than just tell you the time.

About Swiss Military

Swiss Military® is the brand of choice for consumers seeking a 'lifestyle tool' that delivers functionality, value, classic styling and versatility. The recognizable 'cross' is associated with heritage, authenticity and craftsmanship. The Swiss Military® watch is a global icon, a timeless piece that evokes- Functionality: it does more than just tell time, Affordability: it is a 'Swiss Made' watch that will last and Versatility: it can be worn on any occasion. The innovative styling of each watch compliments Swiss Military®'s commitment to performance, quality, craftsmanship and versatility.

The innovative designs deliver more diverse watch styles that provide the necessary tools required for all types of consumers ranging from the outdoor enthusiast to the in-office, globe trotting executive to, simply, the watch aficionado. The Swiss Military® watch has no boundaries just like the Swiss Military® wearer's interests, needs and life style.

These exceptional quality and innovative designed 'tools' are distributed to the Canadian marketplace by Victorinox Swiss Army Canada.

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